Dear Expectant Mother


We are Bradford & Leticia Stucki. And we are hopeful adoptive parents. We realize this has probably been an incredibly difficult decision to make. We also realize you have a deep love for your child. You are trying to decide what is best for him or her. We deeply admire you for that.

A little introduction to us:
We’ve been married since December 2012 and we live in a beautiful, quaint town in southwest Virginia called Blacksburg. Blacksburg is a family-friendly city with lots of lush-green nature trails and a well-stocked public library. We look forward to taking our little one on nature walks and reading books with him or her each night.


At our wedding reception and after the marriage ceremony in 2012. We had a blast!


Bradford grew up in St. Louis, Missouri. He’s the oldest of the three Stucki children. Our child will be lucky to be the first grandchild on both sides. Our parents are healthy and active – they are very excited to be grandparents!

Bradford has a master’s degree in Marriage and Family Therapy and is currently working hard on a PhD in Human Development at Virginia Tech. He hopes to work as a professor upon graduating. He will be able to comfortably provide for our family and Leticia hopes to be a stay-at-home mother. People who know Bradford describe him as kind, authentic, positive, and loyal. He will make a fantastic dad, like his own father. Bradford loves playing volleyball, hiking, reading, listening to epic movie soundtracks, watercolor painting, and researching his family’s genealogy.

IMG_0600Bradford’s homemade Halloween costume perfectly captures his overall optimistic take on life. Make lemonade!

IMG_1426Bradford on a favorite hike near our home in Blacksburg, VA.

Leticia grew up in Utah as the oldest of the five Morales children. Her youngest sister Bella is adopted; Bella is very excited to become a first-time aunt and have an adopted niece or nephew. Our children will have a trusted adult in the family who knows what it’s like to be adopted. Leticia is half-Caucasian and half-Mexican and loved growing up with aspects of both cultures. As parents, we will encourage our children to know and celebrate their racial backgrounds and cultures.

IMG_0596Leticia’s brothers and sisters (future aunts and uncles!)

Leticia currently works as a teacher at a Montessori school with two-to-six-year-old children. Leticia loves guiding children in their learning. Our children will greatly benefit from Leticia’s understanding of child development. People who know her well describe Leticia as focused, hard-working, nurturing, and kind. Leticia enjoys running, hiking, singing in choirs, making adorable front door wreaths, playing board and card games, and eating a nutritious plant-based diet. Our children will be introduced to and have access to a wide variety of nutritious foods growing up.

Why adoption?
We do not have biological children due to infertility. Because of special experiences, we know we will be parents someday and we believe adoption will be part of our parenthood journey. As we do with many things, we will base our adoption decisions on feelings of peace and direction from God. We hope the expectant mother choosing adoption will seek peace and guidance as well. We want this adoption to be right for all parties involved.

IMG_1429Leticia holding her youngest sister Bella, who was adopted as a baby.

Open or closed adoption?
We would love an open adoption. To us this means an exchange of emails, letter, and/or texts with pictures. We are open to discussing occasional visits and what that would look like. We realize regular contact may wax and wane over the years with life’s busyness for both biological and adoptive families, but we truly believe the best situation for the child would be to stay connected over time.

While this blog is meant to help you get to know us, the best way to get to know us is to talk with us via phone, FaceTime, or in person.

If you are an expectant parent considering adoption for your child or if you know an expectant parent considering adoption, please contact us at 801.636.4314 or 513.646.9641. Email is also a fantastic way to contact us: or We thank you for the time you took to read this and for considering us as adoptive parents to your precious child.


Bradford & Leticia Stucki

Bradford and Leticia 2015

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