Life’s Lessons Learned From Our Mothers

It being Mother’s Day, we had a conversation about the most impactful and recollected life lessons we gained from our mothers. Below are the highlights of our conversation:


  • Creativity: She encouraged me to explore. Growing up I explored my talents and improved my skills in pencil sketches and watercolor painting. She provided the supplies and space I needed to do this. She celebrated and displayed my art. She modeled creativity by creating art herself through scrapbooking and other crafts. To this day, she still creates by making and altering clothes, and knitting.
  • Be authentic: She taught me by being authentic herself.
  • Respect women: She taught me that when someone says stop you stop, kind, sensitive, not making fun of them
  • Give people the benefit of the doubt: Growing up whenever I had a complaint about someone else she would challenge my complaint with something like, “Maybe they didn’t know” or “Maybe they were coming at it from this perspective.” To this day, I still have that dialogue go through my head when I’m tempted to complain about someone else. And at the same time, she also taught me to advocate for myself and not let people abuse me.


  • Work hard and do good work: Her infamous saying was, “Don’t do a half-butt job!” It still makes me laugh! My mom works so hard for her husband and kids as a full-time homemaker, mother, and wife. Growing up my mom had a dinner ready every night except Sunday; Sunday was her rest day and our eat-leftovers day. She has always kept a clean house and a beautiful flower garden. My mom has dedicated many hours to her volunteer work at the elementary schools and her callings in the LDS church. She’s up early and the last to go to bed. When she has helped Bradford and I move apartments, she not only helps us get boxes into the apartment, but unpack those boxes and get the home organized and beautiful before she leaves. I can only try to emulate this example of working hard and doing good work.
  • Do what is right: My mom taught me to do the right thing even when it’s not easy or when you’re the only one choosing that path. She taught me this through conversations and example.
  • A mother can have healthy relationships with each of her children: All five of my mom’s children have a personal, open, and healthy relationship with her. She recognizes we are all different and individual. Our relationships with her are unique. We can be honest and open with her. When I’ve made mistakes or had problems, I could talk to her and she did not shame me; she helped me and encouraged me to action if needed. I hope to have the same level of openness and trust with my own future children.

To our mothers and all the other mother figures in our lives, we thank you for teaching us, guiding us, and helping us become who we are today.


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